The Wind is Blowing Here on the Coast

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Tue, 09/29/2009 - 01:39.

Today was a beautiful day as long as you did not want to sit on the beach.  About the only creature that seemed not to mind the wind and the waves was the pelican in my picture.

It is great to blue skies and know that they will be here for a whole week, but if this wind keeps up, we will not be fishing for a while.

I tried a little surf fishing late yesterday afternoon but the water was too stirred up.  We ended up just enjoying the beach. 

Today I stopped and had a quick peak at the beach before deciding that there were more productive things to do.

I am a little worried that all this wind will damage my second season tomato plants, but I will not die if that happens.

We are supposed to get some very cool weather the next few days before warming up again on the weekend.

If it drops into the fifties that will make a difference in the water temperature.  We can always hope the wind will stop and the fish will start biting.

I did a quick YouTube video of the wind around my house in Bluewater Cove.  You can see that it was blowing pretty hard just before sunset.  It has not slacked up.

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