Winter Sunshine on the Dock

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Tue, 01/29/2013 - 02:57.

I love to walk.  That explains why I live in a great place for walking.  Being able to walk out our door and go for a nice easy walk was one of the reasons that we chose Carteret County as a place to live.  We used to live on a mountain.  Walking was something you really had to want to do.  It helped to have a big dog that needed to be walked a lot.

Now that we live near the coast, walking has become a passion with me.  I try to go on a couple of walks every day.  However, I am a sunshine or fair weather walker.  I do not mind cold as long as the sun is shining which it does a lot here along the Southern Outer Banks.  However, mix in some clouds and fog and I would rather stay in the house and work.

Most mornings in the winter here along the White Oak River are nice enough to pull me outside.  I really enjoy wandering along the dock that is pictured at the top of the post.  The photo is an afternoon shot, but I also come there in the mornings.  I usually time my morning dock walk so that the sun has melted any frost on the boardwalk, but sometimes I am too early and have to be careful where I step.  I usually walk the dock four times a day as part of my routine which sometimes gets me up over twenty miles per week.

While I try to walk vigorously, often I just have to stop and enjoy the scenery or critters which can yield a surprise around every cornerMy typical short walk is around 1.5 miles. When the sun is shining, I tried to extend it to better than two miles.

The eight days from January 22 until January 28, 2013, have been cold and somewhat cloudy.  I have done less walking and it is surprising how much I miss it.  On January 28, when the sun tried to sneak out for a few minutes, I headed off on a walk.  Seeing and feeling the sun made it a much nicer walk than the one I had the previous day when the sun was still hiding.  It is certainly nicer walking in the sun than it is walking along a gut that is frozen overIce on the gut is not something we like down here.

While it is going to be warm the next couple of days, it is also going to be cloudy.  Sometimes it is hard to get the weather we want and we always end up taking what we get.  I’ll probably be out walking anyway.  I am getting a little itchy to start working in the yard. The forecast calls for the end of the week to be cooler with fewer clouds.  I won’t complain as long as the sun is shining.

The sun was only out for a few moments on a recent afternoon.  However, it was out enough to warm things up and get me to open my office window.  I was watching a pelican from my desk chair and I thought if I whistled at him, he might turn his head a little.  The pelican picture worked out pretty well.  It just part of my winter 2013 collection of bird pictures  that I get from my walks.

As spring nears, we will be seeing more and more sunshine.  I’m ready for it.  Maybe this next warm stretch will be warm enough to get the boat back out in the river.  Now that might distract me from my walking.

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