Would you believe there are still watermelons around?

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Tue, 10/12/2010 - 02:21.

If you thought fall meant the end of watermelon season like me, you are just as wrong as me.  There are plenty of watermelons left in the fields and at the local produce stands.

On our trip back from the Swansboro Mullet Festival, we took the opportunity to stop by Winberry's Produce Stand in Cedar Point.  We wanted to see if it was time to buy our annual bag of sweet potatoes, but we got distracted by all the watermelons.

We ended up taking home a small seedless Bogue Sound Watermelon and only one sweet potato instead of a bag of them.

We just cut the water melon this evening, and it was delicious. It would be hard to beat the watermelon that I had this summer, but it came in a close second.

It is a great time of year to visit the produce stands.  They won't be around too much longer so it time to enjoy them while they are here.

Speaking of things that are here or not here, we had dinner at T&Ws Oyster Bar this evening.  I was very curious about the "fresh spots" advertised on the sign along Highway 58.

As Earl welcomed us back, I asked him where he was getting his spots since I was pretty sure only a few have shown up in the area.  He confessed that the spots were coming from Virginia.

Not that I biased, but I had a senior flounder and shrimp combo for dinner.  I will wait until I can catch my own spots perhaps a little later this week.

As we left I noticed Earl was having his dinner.  I walked over just to make certain that my initial guess was right, and it was.   Earl was enjoying one of the great Dungeness crabs that they serve.

Still it is hard to beat the flounder that I had for dinner.

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