Yet another nice afternoon on the water

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Tue, 11/23/2010 - 12:10.

We continue to enjoy some great November weather.  Here we are just a few days from Thanksgiving, and we are still out on the water and having fun.

Monday November 22 was just another warm day on the water.  There was no need to bundle up in heavy jackets.  In fact I got so warm while loading the boat that I went and changed to a short-sleeved tee-shirt which I wore under my light shell.

After riding out to the Inlet, I decided to put the long sleeved shirt on top of my tee-shirt, but I never went to my heavier jacket.

We fished over in Coast Guard channel without much success.  If the sand keep moving in there, I don't see how the Coast Guard is going to be very effective without some dredging.

We then anchored out in the Inlet on the east side of the channel.  Even though we were there at what was supposed to be low tide, there was still a lot of current headed out to sea.

Our third stop was by the marshes just to the west of Bogue Inlet channel.  There were some blues and flounder there, but we did not keep any. I caught a couple of blowfish. They are pretty neat when they puff up.

We made a stop at Dudley's to fill my gas tank up so I won't have to freeze myself riding down the river when it gets cold.

Next we fished to the west of the channel at Jones Island in the White Oak.  We found small croakers there and a sun dog there.

Our last stop and the spot where we watched the sunset was just off Silver Creek Landing.  We found a small speckled trout there and larger croakers.  It was a peaceful place to end our afternoon on the water.

As we flipped on the running lights and headed back to the dock, we noticed that the tide was really low.  Channel markers that were recently covered in our high tides earlier in the week were standing completely uncovered in the low tide.

The water in the channel to Bluewater Cover was down under 2.5 feet which is about as low as you normally see it in our channel.  Even with the very low tide, made it on to the lift with a few inches to spare.

We did not use a lot of bait so I handed off the leftover shrimp to my fishing partner who was going to have them for breakfast.  I had oysters on the mind so I took a run back down to Clyde Phillips and bought a jar of them.

We turned those into a delicious oyster stew. It did not take long to finish cooking.  It was a nice finishing touch to yet another good day on the water.

November 22 was another memorable day we can add to what has turned out to be a remarkable 2010 fall on the Crystal Coast.

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