An evening on the beach with some Bluefish


Yesterday was a busy day for me.  I had a closing and a couple of other real estate things to do, but the whole day I kept in the back of my mind the idea that I was going over to the beach to fish a little.

I had a form to be signed to extend a listing which required a trip to the island.  Then I had another meeting where I was dropping off house warming gifts for a recently closed house that required driving back up highway 58.

By the time we were done with all of that the clock was ticking towards 6 PM.  Still we made it over to the beach with plenty of time to fish.

The full fishing story is here.  The summary is that I hit one of my favorite beaches just as the Bluefish were jumping just beyond my casting range.

As luck would have it, the Bluefish moved closer to shore just as the sun was setting, and I managed to meet my goal of a catching a nice 16" long Bluefish.

It was lots of fun since I caught the Bluefish on the light rod that I bought for trout last year.
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3rd Annual Flounder Surf Fishing Tournament

09/26/2009 - 00:00
10/10/2009 - 00:00

The Third Annual Flounder Surf Fishing Tournament will be sponsored by Emerald Isle Parks and Recreation and The Reel Outdoors. Contact Brittany Wood at 252-354-6350 or for information. Registration is free (Aug. 29-Sept.23) and excellent prizes. All flounder must be caught by fishing on foot (surf, pier, inlet, sound) from Fort Macon to Emerald Isle. The tournament will run from Sept. 26-30, Oct. 1-10, 2009.

NC Aquarium Fishing Classes

08/21/2009 - 00:00
10/31/2009 - 00:00

The NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores offers "Fishing Fanatics" surf fishing classes every Tuesday through Sept.1. They also offer pier fishing classes every Thursday evening and surf fishing classes every Friday morning throughout the fall as well as a variety of other fishing programs year round. Visit the web site at or call 252-247-4003 for more information.

Sport Fishing Clinic with Dr. Bogus

08/22/2009 - 01:30
08/22/2009 - 03:30

The NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores will hold a sportfishing clinic on Saturday with local fishing expert "Dr. Bogus" heading up the program. He will focus on using baits made from metal, plastic and wood to catch trout, red drum and flounder from the surf. The clinic is free with admission or membership to the aquarium and advance registration is not required. For more information call aquarium educator Todd Spangler at 252-247-4003, ext. 288.

Evening Beach Relaxation


Even  we beach residents have some stress.  This morning we ran some errands, and then we decided to stay in out of the heat.  I had a contract website project that I needed three hours to finish so it was a good thing to do on a hot day.

However, I had planned for some beach relaxation late in the evening.  About twenty minutes until eight PM this evening after we had finished dinner, we headed over to Emerald Isle.  I had packed one of my spinning rods, some shrimp, and gear for some bottom fishing.
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The best place on the Crystal Coast to live is here.

Swansboro Amore'

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I love River Reach neighborhood in Swansboro. It has a quiet neighborly feel to it and has a convenient water access right on the White Oak River. It is about five to ten minutes away from downtown Swansboro by bike. Swansboro has many events through the year like the Seafood Festival “my favorite”, Mackerel Tournament, and many others. Swansboro has great fishing, beaches, kayaking and parks nearby.  read more »