Nags Head

A Day Trip to Nags Head


A valid question might be, "If you live less than ten minutes from miles of beach, why would you want to get in the car and drive three hours to just look at another beach?"

Well even paradise gets hard to appreciate unless you venture out to the rest of the world once in a while.

With that in mind and the added incentive that a friend we hadn't seen since the early eighties was vacationing in Corolla, we decided to make a day trip to Nags Head and meet our friend for lunch at Sam and Omie's Restaurant.

Sam and Omie's has a little extra significance in our household since a couple of my favorite but ancient tee-shirts were bought there on vacations we took in the area during the late nineties.  My favorite old tee-shirt from there says on the back, "Everyone has to believe in something, I believe I will go fishing."
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Waterfowl Watching Excursion

11/15/2008 - 08:00
11/16/2008 - 07:00

Details: 252-728-7317 or

Excursion to Lake Mattamuskeet & Pea Island national wildlife refuges to observe wintering waterfowl. Overnight in Nags Head.

Reservations - $40; FOM $35

Sponsored by the NC Maritime Museum located in Beaufort on Front Street