Crystal Coast

Grabbing Blue Sky Where You Can


As we work our way through the last parts of winter, sometimes blue sky can become a scarce commodity.  You might find it reflected in the water  early in the morning and then clouds make it disappear by the time you finish a walk around the neighborhood.

The cold weather and lack of blue sky can easily send me off to dreams about summer, warm water, and beautiful puffy white clouds in the skies.  There are times when a brush with winter means that the skies are blue and sunny and I can deal with the cold much more easily then.
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Winter Sunshine on the Dock


I love to walk.  That explains why I live in a great place for walking.  Being able to walk out our door and go for a nice easy walk was one of the reasons that we chose Carteret County as a place to live.  We used to live on a mountain.  Walking was something you really had to want to do.  It helped to have a big dog that needed to be walked a lot.

Now that we live near the coast, walking has become a passion with me.  I try to go on a couple of walks every day.  However, I am a sunshine or fair weather walker.  I do not mind cold as long as the sun is shining which it does a lot here along the Southern Outer Banks.  However, mix in some clouds and fog and I would rather stay in the house and work.
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November on the Crystal Coast


Weather is always a surprise.  One month can be fantastic one year and not so nice the next year.  Sometimes a month becomes consistently nice until you forget what it can really be like.

November 2012 is not exactly what I have come to expect from  a month whose weather was so good a year ago that I worried that I was in a dream.  It was great weather and we enjoyed very nice conditions well into December.

This year has been different.  First we got brushed by Hurricane Sandy which seemed to usher in some much colder weather.  Now we seem to be growing a Nor'easter each week.

Fortunately they haven't been too bad for the local area since we have only seen the Nor'easters in their early stages.  I am pretty sure those areas on the receiving end of the fully developed systems wish that we would stop incubating them.
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A Different Fall on the Crystal Coast


It took a little while for the changes this fall on the Crystal Coast to register with me.  For the first time in several years, my wife and I took a break and went to visit some friends in Canada.  We, or at least I, got to feel morning temperatures as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit.  I pretty sure my wife observed the cold temperatures from the warmth of a comfortable farmhouse.

We managed to slide down the East coast just after Hurricane Sandy left North Carolina.  Now that I have had some time to check out my favorite spots including the Point over on Emerald Isle and the White Oak River both by kayak and skiff, I am pretty certain this fall is not working out like the previous three falls.  read more »

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Crystal Coast weather to love


We usually pay more attention to the weather when it doesn't meet our needs.  I always complain more about the weather in August.  It is not usually a month that wins a lot of favor with those who like to go on long walks.

Often August is too hot, and humidity is a close partner with the heat.  When you add in a tropical storm like Isaac that took up residence on the east coast for a few weeks,  it is easy to start rooting for September to show up.

However, it you are a long term resident of the South, you know well that September can have its moments when it comes to heat and humidity.  Unfortunately the first week of September 2012 was one of those hot, humid weeks that make us wish for the first of the season Canadian cold front.

The humidity was no surprise since we got well over three inches of rain during the first week in September 2012.  Three inches of rain is usually welcome, but August had already given us eleven inches of rain.
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Rain that won't go away


With all the places that could use the rain, it is tough to watch all the precipitation go to waste here in Eastern North Carolina where we are having a hard time putting together a streak of dry days.

A little over twelve months ago, I wrote a post with the title "Strange Stuff Falling Out of the Sky." The summer of 2011 brought us so little rain that we had a hard time remembering what it looked or sounded like.

In July of 2012, I wrote a post about weather never being normal.  At the time we still had a home in Roanoke, Virginia.   The mountain area of Southwest Virginia was once again in the midst of very dry times. It always amazes me how you can be dry one summer and wet the next.
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Some Blue Sky Makes an Appearance


While I have been away from the Crystal Coast for much of the month of August, I have been getting regular readings from my rain gauge.

It is pretty easy to say that August of 2012 has been very different from August of 2011.  On August 9 last year I wrote about how little rain we had seen all summer.  A little less than a week later I wrote about strange stuff falling out of the sky.

Somehow in a summer that saw barely three inches of rain, we got a storm with six tenths of an inch of rain.

Unfortunately I don't have an exact rain total for August 2012.  I do know that it is somewhere north of ten inches of rain.  That comes on top of close to fifteen inches of rain in May, June, and July.  We have gotten over two feet of rain this summer.  read more »

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