Crystal Coast

Boonedocks Opened Wednesday at 5PM


The restaurant/bar called Boondocks seems to have had a soft opening this afternoon at 5PM.  Their sign said they were offering wings.

No other details are known.  Boondocks is located on Highway 58 at location that previously housed The Dive.

Record weekend, where are the people?


This past Thursday I heard some reliable sources say that this second week of June might well be a record rental week.  Today another source confirmed that initial reports seem to indicate a record weekend.

My question then is, "Where is everyone?"  We were at the Cape Carteret Festival yesterday.  It seemed like a good crowd but nothing overwhelming.  When we came back from some shopping, we stopped at the Food Lion over in Swansboro.  While they had a steady crowd, it certainly was not the mad house that I have seen.
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Beach Time!


I think that we can safely say that memories of our "winter" are receding quickly.  Today's temperature over on the beach was in the upper eighties.  The whole week has been really nice with enough breeze picking up in the afternoon to keep us from cooking.

People are in the water and enjoying it.

Some folks coming to the beach are looking to cook themselves on the sand.  After the winter that many US areas just escaped, some warmth from the sand is a great way to renew your spirit.
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We will have nice weather by the weekend


Getting to summer can be a long road with several detours.  This weekend's rain which is now over two inches made for a very quiet Sunday at our home.  read more »

The bumpy ride to warmth

Not a Reston doorstep view.jpg

Our coastal weather never ceases to amaze me.  It was only last year, that we could not seem to find a rain shower until the day after we turned on the sprinklers.

This year we have enjoyed regular rains.  In the last week, we have gotten over 2.3 inches of precipitation.  I would be very surprised if we have any subsoil moisture deficit. I do not mind the rains, but as is often the case, they are followed by winds this time of year.
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Ten Reasons to Live on the Crystal Coast

The Crystal Coast of North Carolina is one of the top diving destinations in North America. With beautiful clear water, an assortment of  colorful marine life, hundreds of shipwrecks, diving the Crystal Coast is an awesome experience.
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I hope it stays like this all year


When you love the out of doors, weather stays a major factor in your life. You get to a certain age, and the idea of going fishing with snow on the ground just does not offer any appeal so warm weather is important if you like to fish.

Last fall I was pretty busy learning about boating and the area. This fall I know enough to enjoy fishing a lot more. While my addiction to fishing is tempered by my love of photography and boating, it remains something I enjoy immensely.  read more »